I have had the incredible privilege to have met some of the most amazing people in my life and career, both as a mentor and an investment manager. And some of these beautiful humans have shared kind and incredibly humbling words and I would like to share these people and their words with all of you.

I was not sure how to present these testimonials in a way that reflects how much the people and the kind comments really mean to me, so I have decided the best way to show you how glad you have made my heart by posting the comments partnered with Puppies!! Enjoy :)


I’ve been mentored by Shaun for the past 3 months; in this time I have grown as both an entrepreneur and human being.
Shaun has helped me understand the ins and outs of business, including the financial and legal aspects which were the main barriers to me really stepping into my shoes as a business owner the last time around.
When we started together I had a vision of revolutionising my industry but no idea how to get from A to B. Shaun helped me pick apart my dream, break it down into achievable steps with a clear pathway forwards, and perhaps most importantly taught me the important of having an exit strategy should things not work the way I had planned! I found that during our discussions Shaun brought out my most creative, confident self and I am very thankful to have had his guidance at a difficult and often confusing time, embarking on something that 12 months ago I never thought possible.
I would strongly recommend Shaun for any entrepreneurs with a “crazy” idea, business owners wanting to take their baby to the next level, and of course to anyone else like me who wants to make their profession better but doesn’t quite know how to make it happen.
Thank you Shaun.


I had the privilege to speak and communicate with Shaun Fox today in relation to an investment. I felt like wining a treasure. Shaun has a wonderful personality, very knowledgeable, excellent in communication and most importantly really easy to deal with. I would recommend Shaun for any investment opportunity and advice.


Shaun has time and is a caring person. I believe a real gem of a bloke. Honest and really into what he does and does it well. You are not a hassle to him you are a priority and he will make you money as well. I am fortunate to meet him. A God send.


I have known Shaun for a couple of years now, we met unexpectedly through a mutual friend. Originally it was a meeting set up as I was told I could hold some inside information that might be of use to Shaun regarding a project of his, it turned out to be much more than that.
Upon meeting Shaun I felt instantly comfortable. It's easy to see why he is so successful once meeting him in person. Not only is he smart but the passion he exhibits when talking about not just once but each and every project he works on is so genuine you can't help but smile.
He is such a people person with a drive not only for himself to succeed but to assist others in succeeding.
As busy as he is he always finds time to have a chat with me about how he might be able to assist me in bettering my future.
When we first met I had a drive to one day have a house and be financially stable but had no idea if this was ever possible. Shaun helped me though a thorough explanation of his investment company and to someone like me who isn't particularly great with numbers it was very comforting.
I didn't invest a great deal but the benefit of being able to ask for the turnover earlier this year when covid hit made a huge difference that I may otherwise not have had.
I cannot speak of or recommend Shaun as a person, his services or his companies more highly.
Great businessman, great friend, great human!

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Thanks Shaun, it was very informative and helpful experience with you. Made me realize what a great difference a business mentor can make. Looking forward to more of these informative meetings. Sonny

Was a great experience with Shaun, felt a very positive vibe, very informative, looking forward to see things further.

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When I first spoke with Joshua I was undecided until he put me in touch with Shaun. Who, after  getting to know Shaun and him guiding me through how the opportunities work, he is 100% genuine and willing to give people advice and watch them succeed.


I have been burnt in such investments before and was very cautious to get into anything else. But it felt really right to join Shaun's team. I found him very trustworthy and was upfront with everything. He took his time to explain things and answered all my concerns. He took all my calls, despite being in meetings himself. I felt like I wasn't just a number.

After my past experiences, I had a belief that if it looks too good to be true, it usually isn't. This sandstone investment certainly does offer excellent returns. It is set up so that the profits are distributed evenly. Shaun gave me his word and promised he would look after me. Being a single mum, that meant a lot and I needed to hear this, so much so that I came back a month later and invested in another share with him. Thank you Shaun for being given this opportunity.

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Shaun is absolutely an awesome guy to work with with his amazing energy, brilliant ideas and deep insights in life and business.
He is always willing to help and share and I am extremely grateful for his excellent advice and support along my entrepreneurial journey!

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I have found Shaun to be incredibly authentic and committed to driving innovative change. He is generous with his time and strategic with his support, making sure to understand my underlying motivation before giving advice that aligns with vision and purpose.
Without hesitation, I will be implementing his recommendations and am expecting to achieve early success. This is going to be awesome!


I arranged a call with Shaun in response to some advertising I saw about RAIC. The ad made me curious about the RAIC business and the approach that RAIC was taking to fundraising. I made it clear at the outset of the call that I wasn't likely to become an investor but just wanted to discuss business in general.
For a busy person, that sort of enquiry might seem like a waste of time and I was fully prepared for Shaun to say that he was too busy to discuss things. Instead, Shaun and I spent an hour talking. I took half a page of notes and once the call was done I felt like I had established a valuable connection with a person who has strong knowledge and experience.
I can't speak about Shaun as an investment manager from having invested with him but he certainly has a genuine interest in sharing his extensive knowledge.


I instantly found Shaun to have excellent values of truth, integrity and decency. Extremely easy to get along with and makes everything seem so effortless. I always felt listened to, valued and appreciated, even when I started and had no clue what I was doing. He showed patience and understanding and never showed doubt in my capabilities. I came to Shaun with a desire to learn about real estate and get on the property ladder and before I knew it everything was slipping into place. Within no time at all, he made me realise all was achievable and set plans and goals to action. I wanted positive happy people around me that would only breed positivity in my life and from day one Shaun was that and more. Love his passion for making change in the world especially with his desire to spread education. I always feel even more passion for projects after talking to him and find myself truly honoured to call Shaun not only a role model but a valued friend